My name is Chealsea Hunt. I’m a 23 year old college student.

us pic

Myself and my boyfriend of 2 years.

I was born in San Antonio, and I spent my childhood in the Texas Hill Country.

I spent 14 years committed to playing competitive soccer. During that time, I learned dedication and teamwork, and I formed lifelong friendships.

I attended Smithson Valley High School, where I became part of the school soccer team.


Additionally, I worked extensively within the school’s digital media program as a filmmaker, editor, and producer of multimedia. I attended film festivals and competed in the Technology Student Association for graphic design and animation.

I spent my first year and a half of college at UTSA. During this time, I co-founded a student film company called Rowdy Films and produced my first original short, Breaking Point (2011).


(Myself, fourth from the right, pictured with the cast and crew of Breaking Point)

I currently live in Austin where I attend the University of Texas. I am a double major, working towards degrees in both RTF (Radio, Television, and Film) and Journalism.

I enjoy traveling and experiencing new things, from which I draw inspiration in my personal and professional pursuits.

sea lino

My aspiration for the future is to work as a writer in either the television or journalism industries, though I have many interests and I am keeping an open mind to all new opportunities that may present themselves.

I would love to become involved in professional social media, as I enjoy and excel at multi media content creation. I also feel I have a great deal of experience at interacting with fans and/or customers on web and app based platforms, having been an administrator for UT’s Social News Network this past year.

I have actually incorporated social media work into one of my other passions: animal rescue and rehabilitation.

I am nothing if not an animal lover.


All my life, I’ve taken every opportunity and expended every effort to seek out and help dogs and cats.

Social networking came into play when I found a small dog with a badly broken leg. He was in desperate need of surgery to have the limb amputated, but I did not have the funds for this procedure. Consequently, I set up an online fundraiser and spread the word on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Within days, I raised more than $1,000 for the cause.

Buddie the dachshund healed quickly with a lot of love and patience.

buddy pic

Myself and Buddie.

I then used social networking and face to face connectivity to find his forever home.


Darbie Parker and her family adopted Buddie.

Whatever I do in life, I would like to somehow make a difference in the world. Whether it’s through continued volunteer work or incorporated into my professional career.

I also hope to continue utilizing my creativity and technical skills in my future endeavors.



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